Insurance Plans

SUGANJALI  ENTERPRISES is into Insurance sector, is the oldest amongst the National Insurance Companies in the Non-Life Insurance sector in Kerala. We cater all the aspects of Insurance both Personal as well as Corporate Insurance coverage.

The personal Insurance includes- Motor, Household, Travel, Personal Accident, Fire Insurance etc……. Also the corporate is full fledged into Property, Marine Cargo, Group Life, etc……So SUGANJALI ENTERPRISES is a one stop solution for all Insurance related tasks for corporate as well as personal Insurance.

Motor Insurance :- SUGANJALI ENTERPRISES brings a comprehensive package Policy for your car which covers loss or damage to the vehicle insured, Personal Accident and Third Party Liability. Our Motor policy provide cover :Accident Collision or overturning Fire, external explosion, self-ignition or lightning Flood, storm, tempest and cyclone Burglary or theft Malicious act by any Third Party Types of Covers Available
Compulsory Insurance -Covers loss of life or bodily injury to Third Party and damage to their property Compulsory Insurance with PA – In addition to 1 above, covers loss of life or bodily injury to the driver and passengers of the insured vehicle Compulsory Insurance with natural calamities – In addition to 1 above, covers damage to insured vehicle against Storm, Tempest, Flood & Cyclone Compulsory Insurance with PA & natural calamities – Covers 1, 2 and 3 above Compulsory Insurance with Fire, Theft, Burglary & Malicious damage – In addition to 1 above, covers insured vehicle against fire, theft, burglary and malicious damage only when the vehicle is not being used while the insured is on travel. Comprehensive Insurance – Covers all of the above as well as damage to insured vehicle due to accident, collision, overturning etc…..